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Welcome to our Clockwork Newsletter. 


Supply chain cost is the most cited reason for lower company results this financial reporting season. Port congestion, labor shortages, and inflationary trends continue to keep the cost pressure up, particularly on truck delivery performance. In this newsletter, I picked out industry articles and blogs that frame the challenges logistics teams are facing and offer up possibilities for improvement.


In Banana Ships & The Hidden Fees of Ship Cargo, by Michael Grabell (ProPublica) you’ll find a stark story of the complex requirements and high penalties of US drayage gone wrong. For an ante-dote read my blog Drayage Battlefield where I detail how to avoid the carnage in the wake of Amazon. 


What other answers are there to supply chain disruption? Will the arrival of Dave Clark at Flexport fix the supply chain? Check out Where does Flexport go from here? written by Toll Global Forwarding exec, Robert Petti ( Eric Johnson’s LogTech Newsletter). Brian Aoaeh (Linkedin) published an excellent article, Towards Connected Platforms and Ecosystems in Logistics Technology, on should and could startups do better at connecting ecosystems and platforms to deliver more customer value.


Whatever challenges lie ahead, at Clockwork we focus on helping leading 3PLs and global shippers improve their delivery performance. In our blog, Hidden Opportunity in Your Truck Delivery, you’ll find four “big rock” opportunities and why we are excited by this challenge. And in Transportation Moneyball, our head of product lays out the case for choosing different measures to gain control over delivery performance and ensure a consistent and reliable global delivery experience that top brands see is a competitive advantage. 


Wishing you a great Fall season.

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Rob Haney 

CEO & Founder

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Don't worry- We've highlighted our greatest hits! 

Our Top Logistics Industry Insights

Towards Connected Platforms & Ecosystems in Logistics Technology – Creating Customer Value

Brian addresses the central problem that persists in the global supply chain, which he identifies as “Data Interchange”. He states: “One would be forgiven for assuming that Data Quality and Data Interchange are solved issues. They are not.”  Reading this gave us hope that a VC would be able to see beyond the noise and recognize great opportunities await those bold enough to tackle big problems with simple solutions. This thinking motivated us at Clockwork to put more energy into connecting and worry less about competing.

by Brian Laung Aoaeh

17 minute read


If your team is frustrated by port congestion and continued high-freight costs- take back control by finding Hidden Opportunities in Your Truck Delivery Performance.


If your focus is instead on hitting a home run with your key clients, learn the secret our CPO, John Chang, shares on how to balance great rates with reliable performance in our Moneyball blog.


Drayage providers are becoming increasingly wary in the wake of Amazon’s recent domination in the parcel space. Reinforce your operations and avoid the carnage by reading our blog, Drayage Battlefield.


Or, learn how to maximize your supply chain investments with powerful insights by our Director of Customer Success, Kathleen Tobani in How to: Bridge the Gap in Your Supply Chain Tech Investments.


Social Spotlight

A compelling social story on why your team should consider shifting focus from the lowest price to quality performance.

Join in on Hilton Tate's discussion on how the lowest delivery price often comes at a higher cost.

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Aug. 31-Sept.1

Home Delivery World 2022

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Retail logistics convention covering industry-defining last mile innovative solutions.

Sept. 25-27

Through a blend of sessions and meetings, connect and address issues impacting your team.

Sept. 18-21

Retail logistics convention covering industry-defining last mile innovative solutions.

Nov. 8-10

Intermodal Europe 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Through a blend of sessions and meetings, connect and address issues impacting your team.

Sept. 18-20

ASCM Connect 2022

Chicago, IL

The premier supply chain conference including renowned keynote speakers and engaging educational sessions.

Nov. 7-9

6th SCMS Summit

Berlin, Germany

An international forum for industry leaders to share and discuss an unparalleled range industry challenges.

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