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About Us

Q. Is Clockwork a freight broker?

A. No, Clockwork is not a freight broker. Your carrier relationships are your own, we help you manage them best. Clockwork is a technology solution that fills the gaps between and extends your existing transportation solutions.

Q. Is Clockwork a TMS?

A. No, Clockwork is not a TMS. Clockwork extends your TMS/ERP system to unify and enhance your data.

Q. Is Clockwork a driver app?

A. No, Clockwork is not a driver app. While we provide a 5-star mobile app component if required, our powerful Delivery Performance Platform is cloud-based.

Q. Is Clockwork like P44 and FourKites?

A. No, Clockwork is not a visibility provider, like P44 and FourKites. Clockwork is a Delivery Performance Platform, providing enriched first-hand data on complex moves. We digitize actionable data to improve performance.

Q. How does Clockwork measure performance? 

A. Through a combination of our delivery performance desktop platform, mobile components, and plug-and-play integrations, Clockwork generates actionable, data-driven insights. Cloud-based portals connect your global teams, clients, and carriers to allow all players to move together.

Q. How does Clockwork manage Drayage, Air Freight, and Final Mile moves? 

A. Clockwork utilizes delivery profiles to configure delivery steps to ensure the perfect delivery, every time. Operations teams can generate as detailed or as general delivery moments as they require. 

About Deployment

Q. Does Clockwork require hardware?

A. Though Clockwork is able to connect to existing hardware to enrich solutions, our platform requires absolutely no hardware to operate.

Q. Do our drivers need to use the Clockwork app?

A. Our solution includes a branded, white-labeled application to extend your system to your carriers, receivers, or dispatchers as required. 

Q. Do we need to use the mobile app?

A. Clockwork can easily integrate into your or your carrier’s existing solutions to feed, enrich, and connect the gaps between systems.

Q. What geographies can we deploy Clockwork in?

A. Clockwork can be deployed in any geography. Currently, Clockwork is actively obtaining first-hand data for our clients in the USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Denmark, Taiwan, and Singapore. Clockwork's mobile component is multi-lingual and available in 20+ languages. 

Q. How does Clockwork operate in areas with little to no network signal?

A. Clockwork is built with Global logistics in mind. In the case where a signal is lost or lowered during transport, the solution intelligently logs data in the queue. Once a signal is restored or the user connects to wifi, the data automatically will begin uploading from the queue.

Q. Do you integrate with TMS and ERP?

A. Yes, we can integrate with any existing TMS or ERP. Examples of existing integrations include CargoWise, BluJay, Oracle OTM, Trimble TMS, SAP, and more. 

Q. How long does a typical integration take?

A. Clockwork integrates quickly into your existing systems. Carrier integrations average 1-2 weeks, while our client integrations average between 2-6 weeks maximum, depending on complexity.

About Resources

Q. What is required of our resources to stand up Clockwork?

A. We offer dedicated customer success Hyper-Care to walk through the initial implementation with you and your team. We only require ~3 hours per week maximum with one project lead to stand up the solution. If integration is required, a quick exploratory session with your IT team will provide the tools we need to integrate.

Q. How many carriers are in your network?

A. We believe your network has intrinsic value, and by connecting your carriers with a digital wrap-around- you gain and maintain valuable relationships. This is why we don’t consider the carriers using our platform to be “our network”, but rather our individual client’s network.

Q. What is the first step in setting up Clockwork?

A. All you need to do is request a call here and we’ll reach out within 24 hours to schedule a quick, no-commitment call at a time that works best for you. Our solutions engineers have over 100+ combined years of logistics industry experience

Q. I need help with my solution, where can I contact Clockwork?

A. Our team operates 24/5 and can be reached here.

Are you a freight broker?
Are you a TMS?
Are you a driver app?
Are you like P44 and FourKites?
How does Clockwork masure performance?
Does Clockwork require hardware?
Do our drivers need to use th Clockwork app?
Do wened to use the mobile app?
What geographies can we deploy Clockwork in?
How does Clokwork operate in areas with litle to no network signal?
Do you integrate with TMS and ERP?
How long does a typical integration take?
What is required of our resources to standup Clockwork?
How may carriers are in your network?
What is the first step in setting up Clockwork?
I need help with my solution...
How does Clockwork manag

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