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The Headless Horseman of Logistics

“…gigantic in height, and muffled in a cloak, Ichabod was horror-struck on perceiving that he was headless!”

Halloween is a fun time to re-read Washington Irving and get carried along with Ichabod on his midnight ride with a headless demon in close pursuit. It’s an exciting read, and it carries a clear warning that clinging to superstition leads to dark places.

If Irving were alive today, he could re-set the story in the logistics industry. Logistics is haunted by the ghosts and demons of legacy technology. As Irving says, “Local tales and superstitions thrive best in these sheltered, long-settled retreats.” Many a modern-day Ichabod works in a local Logistics office managing customer critical delivery using the ghosts of legacy tech: Email, Excel and Manual data entry.

Our modern day Ichabod is being chased by a different “headless” horseman.

“Headless” in the context of technology, means the customer user interface is no longer a limiter to data flows. In practice, this means a client who invested in a legacy portal or mobile component can still benefit from modern data collection and processing tech. The way the data is displayed is no longer important… the applications are “headless” as the systems now recognize that the underlying data is what really matters.

We are seeing the hoofprints of the headless horseman of technology across many aspects of logistics. MatchBack Systems is a great example of a headless solution that creates efficiency in the reuse of the empty container by matching the delivering container with a return trip. MatchBack Systems works regardless of the customer user interface to save up-to $400 in direct transportation and over 400 pounds of CO2 emissions. Another headless horseman of logistics is Slync plugs into legacy systems and normalizes multiple sources of data to eliminate 50 to 75% of emails associated to Ocean Bookings… that’s a lot of legacy tech ghosts put to rest.

The Clockwork Delivery platform is built to use “clicks not code” to create a digitized process for collection of high-definition delivery data. Bolting Clockwork onto your ERP System scares away the ghosts of manual processes as customer critical Proof of Delivery (POD) populates into the ERP with automation. Digitizing your global delivery network wakes up the “Sleepy Hollow” back offices.

The Headless Horseman of Logistics is the hero in our story. Backend data processing saves us from legacy superstitions rooted in manual data entry processes. If you see a headless technology in the shadows of a local office … do not be horror-stuck, the headless horseman of logistics chases away wasted time and wasteful processes.


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