ST Among Top IoT Innovators Mentioned by JOC at TPM 2019

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Marian Sterk
Marian Sterk

We are in Eric Johnson’s article “Interoperability Key to Widespread Container Tracking”

ST just got another shoutout from Eric Johnson over at in his article “Interoperability Key to Widespread Container Tracking”.  He reported on some of the panels and discussions at the TPM event. IoT adoption and the advent of smart containers were popular topics at TPM 2019. More specifically, the concerns around how all this new technology (hardware and software alike) will integrate with other systems and if there will be standardization across the industry.

As excited as we are to be included in such a vital conversation, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out one minor correction needed to accurately represent our solution: When describing the different service providers and their approach to interoperability, Johnson says, “SensorTransport, meanwhile, doesn’t sell sensors but provides what it calls a device-agnostic platform to shippers.” However, we do sell sensors, but we do not manufacture them ourselves. This can be a point of confusion when speaking with potential customers, too.

Our customers purchase from us affordable, 3rd party IoT sensors for multiple applications on our platform. These encrypted sensors are reusable but cost effective enough to not be a detriment if the pallet or container they are attached to is not reused or returned to the shipper.  This also relates to the concerns of IoT implementation costs addressed by Johnson in the article.

Our relationship with Maersk is also brought up. “Maersk, meanwhile, has invested in Sensor Transport through the Danish container line’s venture fund.”

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