September 2019 Newsletter

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Marian Sterk
Marian Sterk

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We thought summer couldn't get any hotter, but it has! We tied our record for signed agreements last month

With (5) new customers joining our growing network:

  1. Global 3PL:  Deploying our "Track" solution in the Netherlands to capture Proof of Delivery for a key customer.
  2. Global 3PL: The Europe division of signed up for our new “Equipment” solution to monitor drayage in Germany.
  3. Global 3PL: Signed up for delivery tracking in North America and they are introducing us to their carrier in Italy.
  4. South America 3PL:  Deploying "Sense" to monitor the condition of perishables shipped to USA
  5. Global Manufacturer:  Will utilize the SensorTransport solution to digitize the transit of goods from maquiladoras near El Paso.

A new investor is on board, TecPier, and we have honed our customer engagement process thanks to our awesome team members Cat and Jeff. There are 3 big events coming up, too. Read on to learn more!


Investor Spotlight

New Investor: TecPier!

The newest member of the SensorTransport family is TecPier, a Hamburg-based maritime venture builder, early-stage investor, and corporate innovator. TechPier invests in selected maritime technology companies, primarily in the pre-seed and seed phases. “TecPier brings a sharp focus to the platform” remarked Oscar Yu, SensorTransport CTO, “During their review, they provided valuable feedback that strengthened our codebase. TecPier will ensure we are ready to scale up to meet the demands of the growing network."

A founding partner of TecPier commented: "In addition to the strong and experienced founding team, we were particularly impressed by the high global scalability of SensorTransport that is thriving in a growing connected logistics market. We are convinced that their business model will be successful. This also indicates that the sensors are getting cheaper and that in the future, more and more freight forwarders will want to have data about their products as they make their way to trading partners or end customers."



Team Spotlight: Customer Engagement

Meet Cat and Jeff, our awesome Customer Engagement experts!

Our Customer Engagement team has honed our pilot process to 5 easy steps: Kickoff, Set Up, Internal Testing, User Set Up + Training, and Roll Out.


This team has a keen is focus on velocity! We believe the journey from agreement to “go-live” should be weeks not months. Cat and Jeff are making it happen! In August, the engagement team successfully launched (3) new customers from testing to production go-live.  

  1. Global 3PL:  Successful pilot tracking status and Proof of Delivery for clients in Los Angeles.  The customer utilized our messaging and document system to eliminate emails from the Tendering process.
  2. Global 3PL:  The launch includes a TMS data integration project to enable large volumes.  They are starting with our new "Track - Equipment" solution supporting Drayage operations.
  3. Global Manufacturer:  Engagement included the first use of a "SensorHub" mounted near the dock door to automatically detect the arrival of pallets equipped with a simple beacon sensor.



LogTech 19
September 8-10 Las Vegas, NV

Our Founders Rob Haney and Sascha Peyer will be attending LogTech 19 in Las Vegas September 8-10. And Sascha will be a panelist for "Exploring the Early Stage Logistics Tech Ecosystem" on Tuesday, Sept 10 at 1:30 pm. The panel, led by Eric Johnson of, will discuss early stage investment strategies are shaping innovation at logistics technology companies. Sascha will speak on the impact that technology incubators and accelerators (like Maersk, NLA, NVP, and TecPier) have had on our success.

We just wrote a blog previewing the event, read it here:

New York + New Jersey Port Industry Day
September 16 Jersey City, NJ

Two of our sales team members, Carl and Rebecca will be attending this event later this month. If you are in the area, let us know!

‍Cold Chain Council Summit Pharma + Chemical
October 1 Chicago, IL

Sascha will be racking up the frequent flyer points this month with another trip. He will be speaking on a panel at the Cold Chain Council Summit in Chicago. See you in the windy city!


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