October 2019 Newsletter

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Marian Sterk
Marian Sterk
Sensor Transport October 2019

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October 2019 Newsletter

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"Trick or Treat?!" Get out the jack-o-lanterns and candy! October may be the spookiest month of the year, but we aren't scared :) We have plenty of treats this month.


Team Spotlight: Success with Success

Our Customer Success Team is Rockin'!

Customer Success requires a keen focus on growing customer volume and helping customers grow utilization across the SensorTransport family of products – Land & Expand!

We are pleased to have industry veteran John Chang joining SensorTransport to lead this critical function. John brings valuable experience from his days at Maersk and INTTRA.

"I want customers to fully realize the value of user the SensorTransport platform. One of the best ways is to do that is to ensure the drivers are using the solution. We carefully measure driver adoption across a range of metrics including: App Usage, On-time Performance, and Security. With driver adoption we unlock the value of digitized deliveries." - John Chang

Early Success in Customer Success

  • Top 50 Global 3PL started in Asia and is now rolling out across (2) more countries
  • Leading 3PL completed testing and rolling out to Los Angeles and Atlanta
  • Global 3PL is partnering with SensorTransport to expand the solution to include a rated tender
  • Top Last-Mile Delivery Logistics provider is expanding the residential POD to allow warehouse users to add a controlled warehouse receipts to shipments

John incorporates a 'Land and Expand' approach into the Customer Success process. We 'land' the customer starting them off with a single subscription. Then, once the customer digitizes their network, they 'expand' across geographies and/or into new SensorTransport solutions. It's a win-win!


A Network of Networks

We are seeing a network explosion!

Our customers realize their networks have intrinsic value.  As they digitize deliveries, they extend their operations into the hands of the people doing the work.  SensorTransport benefits by becoming a network of our customer networks.

350% Growth

350% increase of delivered shipments in our system from Q2 to Q3. This includes all shipments globally, but we are seeing the fastest network penetration in North America.

ST-September 2019 N American Deliveries Map

Pictured above are successful North American deliveries in September 2019.


As the network grows, the Network itself becomes an asset for SensorTransport customers. Shippers seeking capacity are finding qualified carriers via the marketplace. Carriers opt-in to be visible to shippers in the Carrier marketplace. Winning new business from Shippers is an important incentive for Carriers to drive adoption and digitize deliveries.



Cold Chain Council Pharma + Chemical Summit

Our co-founder and CCO Sascha flew to the windy city, Chicago, IL to be a featured panelist for the Cold Chain Council event.

ST-Sascha and other panelists at Cold Chain Summit
"Smart Logistics" Presented by The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA)

Our Customer Success manager John Chang spoke on the Maritime Innovation panel for this event in New Jersey. There was lots of discussion around IoT, blockchain, and other emerging technologies being too expensive and complicated to implement. John eased some of their worries by speaking on the success and implementation of our solution.

ST-John Chang at NJEDA event
New York + New Jersey Port Industry Day

Carl and Rebecca enjoyed another event in New Jersey las month. They event got a private tour of the port!

ST - Carl and Rebecca at NJ Port Day


Our Founders Rob and Sascha attended LogTech19 last month in Las Vegas. Sascha was a panelist for "Exploring the Early Stage Logistics Tech Ecosystem". The panel was a success lead by Eric Johnson of JOC.com, thanks for inviting us Eric!

ST - Rob and Sascha at LOGTech19


Industry Buzzing

"C.H. Robinson Worldwide to Double Spending on Freight Technology" https://www.wsj.com/articles/c-h-robinson-worldwide-to-double-spending-on-freight-technology-11568839095

"Supply Chain Inefficiencies Can Crush Customer Experience And Cost You Millions"  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinessdevelopmentcouncil/2019/09/30/supply-chain-inefficiencies-can-crush-customer-experience-and-cost-you-millions/

"What’s on your supply chain white board for 2020? - Pharmaceutical Commerce" https://pharmaceuticalcommerce.com/cold-chain-focus/whats-on-your-supply-chain-white-board-for-2020/


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