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Marian Sterk
Marian Sterk

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New Month, New App, and New Continents!


October was an exciting month with a new market and more app development. Our first live trucker delivery in Asia (Thailand) is via our Equipment (Drayage) product and supports our client’s goal to reduce detention charges. We are now live in 8 countries and accommodate 13 languages!

We are carrying our momentum into November with even more growth and the launch of our new Receiver App.


Product Updates: Receiver App Launch

We are bringing even more visibility and digitization to the supply chain with our new Receiver App. The new app extends your operations into the hands of your designated consignee, cross-dock, or warehouse team.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1.    Scan the barcode or enter the shipment’s reference number.
  2.    Enter the quantity received. If there is an OS&D issue, the app automatically asks for the issue details.
  3.    Slide to complete.

For customers shipping internationally, the Receiver app provides an easy way to collect a “digitized” Proof of Delivery at the ultimate destination.

The “Receiver App” is the same Driver App already deployed to over 1300 drivers.  We added the ability to define a new “Receiver” role and configurable options for the App to gain a controlled Proof of Delivery (POD).  Also, the Receiver App enables an Over, Short or Damage (OSD) report. With this function, we digitized the claim process for damaged goods.

The Receiver App can read an IoT sensor affixed to the shipment.  By combining the IoT Scan with the OSD Report we provide a complete package.  The App alerts the user if the product may have been damaged in transit and enables the user to submit a digitized claim.

This 1-2 punch of low cost IoT monitoring combined with digitized claims reporting is attracting the attention of big Pharma and other customers who are shipping perishable cargo internationally.

In a recent discussion with a potential client (who ships perishable medical materials internationally), we heard, “Our customers in Africa all carry smartphones. Using an App to collect the POD and report any damages could solve a lot of our problems.”

image (4)

Step 1 is easy, just scan the barcode or enter the reference number.

image (5)

All shipment details are visible in the app, including pictures, notes, and comments.

image (6)

Team members can review completed shipments and make edits if necessary.


All shipment details are visible in the online Command Console, including alerts from OSD.


Network Emerges as Value Driver

As we grow, we are seeing the network itself emerge as a key value driver for our clients.  Shippers no longer accept pen+paper deliveries. In coming years, we will see the fragmented network of truck deliveries "digitizing" the POD. SensorTransport is ready to enable this transformation.  

A Unique Approach

New customers onboarding to the platform are now consistently looking to our network for added value:

  1. A global manufacturer is seeking to digitize truck deliveries from Mexico into the USA.  For their deployment, they requested that we recommend any existing carriers operational on our App in the El Paso area.
  2. A leading 3PL deploying our Equipment solution to manage drayage around Los Angeles asks us to find Carriers who are already using the Driver App.  
  3. A leading 3PL is deploying SensorTransport as a “middleware” solution where all Carriers can either use the Driver App or connect to our platform via API.  In all cases, their expectation is to receive normalized digitized delivery data from a growing network of carriers.

Each of these anecdotes indicates the emerging value of our network.  In 2020 we will further productize the network by improving the “Carrier Marketplace” to allow shippers to find new carriers on our network and enhancing the “DataHub Dashboard” allowing the shipper to monitor data exchange with their connected carriers (see screenshots below).

When logistics networks “digitize”, great companies are born.  In the 1990s the Ocean Carrier booking digitized giving rise to GTNexus, INTTRA and WiseTech Global.  In the early 2000s the Factory agent network digitized creating Alibaba.


Data Hub Dashboard


Proto Carrier Marketplace


Team Spotlight: Halloween prank on Rob! We don’t let distance get in the way of our fun!

Our team members span the globe on 4 continents, but we make time each week to check in with one another. It just so happened that our team meeting fell on October 31st, *insert maniacal laugh here, MUA-HA-HA!* and we couldn’t pass on the chance to have a little fun at the expense of our CEO, Rob Haney.


These are a few of the ‘characters’ that showed up to our team meeting on Halloween!

Some were cute, some were creepy, and some were confounding, but Rob had a great time guessing who belonged to each ‘character’ and we all got quite a chuckle!


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