January 2020 Newsletter

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Marian Sterk
Marian Sterk

January 2020 Newsletter

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ST Preparing to Roar in the Roaring ’20s

New decade, new frontiers. 2020 is the year of growth for SensorTransport as we scale our apps, platform, and commercial strategy for accelerated global adoption. With the industry embracing the digitization of deliveries at an increasing rate, our vision of an interconnected network of drivers is more attainable than ever. Here we go!

Investor Spotlight: Big Investment News Coming Soon

2020 will be the year of our Series A investment round and we already have a network of potential investment partners. Big things are in the works for ST, we can’t give you all the details now, but we will soon!

Product Spotlight: App Updates for Global Scalability


Pinky: “What are we going to do tonight Brain?”
Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world!”Photo Credit: memesmonkey.com

We don’t plan on taking over the world, but we do plan on helping you move things around it!

As our platform grows globally (introduction in Asia and Africa) we are making some improvements. The following updates are either completed or underway:

  1. Switch to using HERE maps for better global accessibility and deployment, including China
  2. Estimated Arrival Time Notifications (see the screenshot below) - Consignees and Receivers can get automated SMS notifications based on a shipment’s estimated arrival time in addition to a shipment’s real-time location and configurable geo-fences.
  3. Dynamic Ping Frequency - PING frequency can now be configured in the Command Console company profile. This will make it dynamic based on the available assigned shipments.
  4. Pickup/Delivery Process Enhancement
  5. Adding the ability for the user to add POD name and attach document photo on the pickup/delivery process flow.
  6. Shipment date range - Shipment list now will show “start’ and “to” date, if available, for multi-day shipments.

Project Spotlight: 2 year Dutch Research Project Kickoff

SensorTransport - Perishables Research Project

Photo credit: Freepik.com

We were in the Netherlands with the Dutch Research Institute TNO and the University of Wageningen to kickoff the “Quality Controlled Logistics in IoT-enabled Perishable Supply Chains” project.

SensorTransport was selected to complete the project. The SensorTransport IoT platform will monitor perishables from Africa to Holland for multiple food importers.

Event Updates: Q1 2020 Events We Are Looking Forward To

2020 is all about “GET BIG” with plans to pour gas onto the traction we have already established in key markets including Logistics, Food and Pharma. With so many great events out there, how can we choose? Here are some we are looking forward to:

Fruit Logistica
Berlin, Germany
February 5-7

Retail Industry Leaders Association - LINK2020: The Retail Supply Chain Conference
Dallas, TX
February 23-26

TPM20 and El Dorado: A TPM Tech Experience
Long Beach, CA
March 1-4

World Ports Conference
Antwerp, Belgium
March 17-19

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